Application and Selection

Important Dates

Access to application platform

Access to application platform is now open for the first call.

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There are two call windows (see important dates) for the application. The same procedure will be followed for the acceptance of applicants in both calls. Yet, applicants from the 1st call that pass the selection process will have preference to be admitted.

The admission process in every call is a 2-step procedure.

First phase

In the first phase, applicants should first fulfil the following criteria:

  • Minimum accredited level of proficiency in English: B2. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • Accredited Technology Competence, given by any of the following criteria: Degree in IT-related programme (e.g., Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Systems, Telecommunications, Informatics, Software Engineering) or 2 years of professional experience in the IT field or equivalence to 3 years of training on IT topics.

Second phase

In the second phase, an interview will be appointed with the candidates that fulfil the requirements for the first phase. The following criteria will be applied to select the accepted candidates:

  • Communication skills
  • Expertise in technology
  • Motivation for the programme
  • Workgroup ability
  • Academic achievements